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Joomla! EntwicklungTemplates give your website it's individual look and feel. They determine the layout it's colors, fonts, grafics and other design elements, which makes your website unique. Althoug we have developed only a small number of Joomla! templates, we have focused on quality and continuity. Therefore we have not only updated our templates very soon to the latest Joomla! version but they are so different of each other that you can realise a wide range of varied impressive websites with them.

Our templates are published under GNU General Public License, version 2.

All Templates are well tested with Joomla! sample data and work fine with Internet Explorer since Version 6, Firefox since Version 2, Google Chrome, Opera since Version 9, Safari since Version 4. This will cover at least 98% of all visitors. For Joomla! since Version 1.6 does no longer support older Browsers we have no lonager adapdeted our templates for those browsers.

If you have any feature requests, need support or have troubles with our templates, please post to our Forum. We'd like to improve our templates.

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