Joomla! Announcement

Joomla! 4.0 is released and we are happy to announce that Visforms is now fully compatible with the brand new major release version.

Please check out how to Migrate Visforms to Joomla 4 in the Documentation.

Integrate Bootstrap Carousels into Joomla! as easily as click and point

The module enables you to select images or articles easily, flexible and without coding as items for a Bootstrap Carousel and publish the carousel as a Joomla! module. The module fits perfectly into Joomla! using Joomla! features like the "image" or the "article" button for easy selection of the carousel items. This enables you to choose any image or any article regardsless of which folder the image is in or which category the article belongs to. In additon the module allows you to enter meta data (alt and title attributes for images) and attach a link to each image. Deleting carousel items is just a mouse click and as comfortable as changing the item order.

Viscarousel Feature List

  • Joomla! 3.x
  • Choice of image or article carousel
  • Select images with Joomla! media manager
  • Select articles with Joomla! article manager
  • Create exactly as many carousel items as you need
  • Change item order with a mouse click
  • Optional captions and description for each carousel item
  • Uses Bootstrap CSS
  • Optionally attach a link to each image
  • Control carousel intervall
  • Use multiple carousels on one page
  • Add optional play/pause button
  • Hide indicators
  • Hide controls
  • Option to disable autostart
  • Fit for search engine optimisation with alt and title attributes
  • Englisch and German language

Viscarousel depends on a Bootstrap template for proper function!

The aim of this Joomla! module is not to create just another beautiful Javascript based slider module. The aim of this module is to integrate the Bootstrap carousel into Joomla! so that it can be used effortless and without coding! Viscarousel relies on Bootstrap templates which must implement the standard Bootstrap CSS or it will not work properly!

Bootstap uses CSS transitions for animation and not Javascript effects. This is a design decision made by Bootstrap developers. As different browsers have varied implementation of CSS transitions the Bootstrap developers have further decided to only use the slide transition.

Joomla! 3.x comes with Bootstrap version 2.3.2. per default. Viscarousel implements a Bootstrap Carousel for this Bootstrap version.

DemoDocumentation Buy

Click image to enlarge.

  • Viscarousel used with articles

    Viscarousel set up as article carousel

  • Carousel options for articles

    Carousel options for articles

  • Select Article

    Select an article for carousel

  • Viscarousel used with images

    Viscarousel set up as images carousel

  • Carousel options for images

    Carousel options for images

  • Select image using Joomla! Media Manager

    Select image easily using Joomla! Media Manager