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Joomla! 4.0 is released and we are happy to announce that Visforms is now fully compatible with the brand new major release version.

Please check out how to Migrate Visforms to Joomla 4 in the Documentation.

Viscarousel - Bootstrap Carousel for Joomla! - Demo

Viscarousel provides you with a wealth of posibilities to display pictures or articles as bootstrap carousels (Slider) on your website, some of which you can see here. In addition to module positions you (top and bottom of this page) you can use Joomla! plugin loadposition to place carousel modules inside articles .

Viscarousel helps you to integrate slider effortless and properly in responsive Bootstrap templates. Test it yourself, change the width of your browser window and see what happens to the sliders on this page.

Viscarousel comes with a handfull of usefull parameters, which suffice to make all settings necessary to control the carousels.

Autostart: Disable autostart (see picture carousel in the center beneath the text; you have to press the "play" control to start the slider).

Play/Pause-Button: Add a play/pause-button. Useful for sliders with autostart disabled (see picture carousel below).

Intervall: Determine how long an item is displayed before next item slides in automatically (carousel on the right has a shorter intervall).

Hide indicators: Bootstrap carousel features so called indicators. This is a line of dots (in the upper right corner). Each dot represents a carousel item. The active item is highlighted and you can change between items by clicking on a dot. There is a parameter to hide the indicators.(see article carousel bottom left).

Hide Controls: Hide arrows left and right, which can be used to manually switch to the previous/next item (article-carousel at the bottom right).

Carousel width: This option is useful to make sure that picture carousels fits perfectly into responsive Bootstrap templates on all viewports. Two additional Viscarousel markup classes can be used to align carousels in a bigger container on the right side or center (left is default). (Used in picture carousel at the bottom. Only visible on small viewports).

Background color: To give article carousels a better contrast (see article carousels at the bottom).

Border color: For article carousels.

Carousel height: Additional option to control the layout of article carousels.

Furthermore you can add a link for each picture, and captions and description for each item. It's easy to optimise items form search engines because there are alt- and title attributes available.

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