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Balloons is a free Joomla! Template for Joomla! 3.x .

  • balloons_av_j25balloons_av_j25


  • Flat login menu on top of page.
  • Variable width
  • Parameter to set text "Your Company".
  • Parameter to set minwidth.
  • Languages: German, English

Module Positions

  • position-11: login-top flat and small on top of page
  • position-1: Topmenu
  • position-2: Breadcrumbs, beneath top menu
  • position-0: Search
  • user1, user2 (Modules at the top of content)
  • position-4, position-7, position-5 for modules left
  • position-3, position-6, position-8for modules right
  • position-10: Module beneath content. If there are several postion-10 modules their width will be adjusted and the modules are positioned side by side.
  • footerload: Footer
  • footer-nav: simple menu beneath page


  • Variable width: pages adjusts to browser window width. Minwidth 720 px per default so that the page can be seen in small browsers without scrollbar. Minwidth can be set to another value by parameters.

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