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Pinboard, with it's impressive design, is our most popular template.

  • pinboard_av_j17pinboard_av_j17


  • Menu to make font-size bigger or smaller. Parameter that controls if menu is visible or not.
  • Topmen√ľ in position-1 as pulldown-menu as well
  • Additonal header background pictures (snowboarder, skateboarder), simple rename pictures
  • Lots of room for your logo, slogan or the likes, if you do not use topmenu
  • Languages: English, German

Module Positions

  • position-4, position-7, position-5 for modules left
  • position-3, position-6, position-8, for modules right
  • position-1: Topmenu
  • position-2: Breadcrumbs, beneath topmenu
  • position-0: Modules beneath content.
  • footerload: Footer
  • footer-nav: simple inline-menu at the bottom of the page


  • Variable width: Adjusts to browser width. Min-width of page 1020px.

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