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Parameter list

This feature is part of the Visforms Subscription and not available in the free Visforms version..

We propose reading the documentation from the beginning, starting with the Introduction. We will not repeat concepts and explanations made in previous parts of the documentation, here.

In addtion to the two required parameters formid and fieldlist the plugin supports many other useful parameters to individually configure the data display in content. The following full parameter list summarieses any important information you require to use the plugin effectively.

You can retrieve the correct parameter name from the list as well as default values, allowed parameter values, a description of the parameters purpose and whether it is a required parameter or not. Some parameters, which already have a default value set, you can omit in the parameter string, unless you want to set a value, different from the default.

The column "function" will give you a more detailed description of what the parameter is used for.

NameDefault valueValueFunctionRequired
formidNo default valueForm IdSelect the form the displayed data belongs to.yes
fieldlistNo default valueComma separated list of field id'sSelect fields used in data viewyes
hidden_fieldsNo default valueComma separated list of field id's. Can only contain fields from the "fieldlist"Use in combination with search filters. This option allows you to search in fields which are not displayed. Fields listed here are not displayed in the data view but are accounted for in search. Since Visforms Subscription 3.1.0no
fieldselectNo default valueList of field id's and allowed user input values.Record set selection. See Record set selectionno
layoutNo default set"list"Data view layout. You can choose between a table layout and a description list layout, which will display the record sets one below another. If the parameter is not set, record sets are displayed as table.no
show_page_heading"true""true" or "false"Show form title. "true" = show, "false" = hideno
showlabel"true""true" or "false"Show column headers in table view or labels in list view. "true" = show, "false" = hideno
sortorder"id"Number (Field id) or "ipaddress", "ismfd", "created" or "id"Order record sets according to this fieldno
sortdirection"asc""asc" or "desc"Sort order ("asc" = ascending, "desc" = descending)no
display_num"20"NumberNumber of recordset per pageno
countNo default setNumberMaximum number of recordsets to display. If this parameter is set, all record sets are displayed on one page (without pagination)no
displayid"true""true" or "false"Show id of recordsetno
displayip"false""true" or "false"Show Ipno
displayismfd"false""true" or "false"Show, whether the recordset has been modifiedno
displaycreated"false""true" or "false"Display submission dateno
displaycreatedtime"false""true" or "false"If the submission date is displayed, show date only or date and time?no
displaymodifiedat"false""true" or "false"Display modification dateno
displaymodifiedattime"false""true" or "false"If the modification date is displayed, show date only or date and time?no
maxtextlength"0"NumberMake long texts shorter. The number indicates the amount of characters that will be displayed before the text is truncated. Set to "0" texts will not be truncated.no
viewclassNo default setStringAdd a custom class attribute to table/dl HTML-Tag. If you use a Bootstrap Template just add "dl-horizontal" to the list layout or "table" to the table layout. Data views will then be formated with Bootstrap CSS.no
show_filter"false""true" or "false"Since plugin version 1.4.0 and only in combination with Visforms 3.7.1 or higher Show search filter over data table and add sort grid to data table.no
displaydetail"false""true" or "false"Since plugin version 1.5.0 Add link to detail view of record set to data table view. See Add a detail view to the data table view for further instructionsno
displaydetailtitle"false""true" or "false"Since plugin version 1.5.0 Display the form title above the detail view. See Add a detail view to the data table view for further instructionsno
displaycounter"false""true" or "false"Since Visforms Subscription 3.1.0 Display a column with a record set counter.no
show_filter_created"false""true" or "false"Since Visforms Subscription 3.4.0-beta Add a created filter to the search filter.no
displaypdfexportbutton"false""true" or "false"Since Visforms Subscription 3.4.0-beta Display PDF Export Buttons.no

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