Joomla! 4 Notice

We are happy to announce that as of today - February, 25th, 2022 - all our major Joomla extensions Spambotcheck, Visforms and Visforms Subscription are also available for Joomla 4 To be available. This completes the migration of our software products for Joomla 4.

Migration instructions are available here:

There is now a separate Documentation for Visforms for Joomla 4!

Visforms - Userfriendly Secure Joomla! forms

Visforms Joomla! Form GenaratorTiered of spammers abusing your forms or of users struggling with Captchas when trying to contact you?

Visforms provides you with integrated online spam-protection methods that defend your forms effectively against spam-attacks, even without using Captchas, and is thus the most userfriendly and secure Joomla! form generator component.

Visforms combines outstanding security highlights with feature-rich, flexible forms and a straightforward back-end management, which allows you to create spam-free custom forms for a vast range of applications as easy as pie.

Further purchased plugins are available offering great supplementary values. As examples, they allow you to display stored user inputs in a configurable way or to embed your forms, both anywhere in articles and modules. All this is achieved by editing a tiny configuration string.

Plaese Note: As we conitinously implement new features, some features on the list may not be available in older versions of Visforms.


Visforms provides you with outstanding security features that makes your forms easy to use and spam-free in a unique way your users will love.

  • Bundled with an enhanced version of our prominet Spambotcheck plugin for effective online spam-protection without Captchas
  • Captchas optionally available
  • Secure file upload
  • Javascript and PHP validation of user inputs
  • Full ACL support
  • Email cloaking in texts

Responsive form layouts

Visforms comes with different flexible layouts including two responsive Bootstrap layouts as well as a default Visforms layout, that will make the forms fit perfectly into your website.

  • Supports responsive Bootstrap default and horizontal form layout and Visforms layout
  • Custom text, which can be added before or after each form field
  • Select between multiple positions of required text in form
  • Select between multiple positions, where to dispaly the required asterix for required fields
  • Hide field labels and use placeholders instead
  • Module - allows display of forms in module position and inside an article

Support for all default HTML form field types

Different field types can be created easily without knowledge of HTML and with a wide range of self-explaining options for their individual configuration.

  • Text inputs: text, email, date, url, number, hidden, password
  • Textarea
  • Selects and radios
  • Single checkbox and checkbox groups
  • Buttons: Submit, Image, Reset
  • File upload
  • Additional field separator

Conditional fields

  • Show/hide a form field, depending on the value selected in an other field
  • Define as many conditions for a field as you like
  • Nested conditional fields

Flexible field validation

Empower your forms with flexible custom validation rules that will supplement the default field type specific validation rules.

  • Use any individual regular expression to validate the user input of text fields
  • Compare user inputs in two or more fields with equal to validation
  • Validate for unique field value in database
  • Build-in field type specific validation for email, number, date and url

Customizable result messages and emails

With Visforms you can create very flexible customized result messages and emails that will impress users of your website.

  • Use user inputs in result message and receipt email
  • Either use default result message or create a custom result message or redirect to a specific page after form submit

Backend management of user inputs

Being able to store, export, edit and restore submitted user inputs in administration is just that little bit more that makes the difference. Due to these powerful features Visforms can be adapted to the needs of a vast range of individual applications.

  • Store submitted user inputs in database
  • Export data to CSV format
  • Edit stored user inputs
  • Restore edited user inputs to the values submitted by the user

Display stored user inputs in the frontend

The option to display user inputs in frontend gives Visforms a lot of it's power. Being able to configure individually which data you want to display in frontend and how makes it even more powerful.

  • List view and detail view
  • Exclude fields from frontend display
  • Exclude record sets from frontend display
  • Sort data in frontend display
  • Set list limit for frontend view

Native multilingual support

  • Allows you to create forms and fields in different languages. So, if you build a multilingual website, you can do this natively and won't have to worry about it.

Breezingforms import

Developer features

  • Comprehensive build-in event system
  • Development of own custom plugin enhancements

Other features

  • Enable Url parameter to set default values in fields, if you need that feature for a specific field
  • Batch copy of forms and/or fields
  • Uses Joomla! autoupdater to inform you about updates
  • Free removal of "Powered by" link
  • Continuous implementation of new features according to feature requests from Visforms users. (Therefore some of the features are only available in the lastest Visforms release.)
  • Additional powerful extension for further customization

Download VisformsDocumentationPopular areas of application

Click image to enlarge.

  • Standard Form Layout

    Default Layout

  • Standard Bootstrap Layout

    Bootstrap Default Layout

  • Bootstrap Horizontal Layout

    Bootstrap Horizontal Layout

  • Basic form options

    Basic options

  • Result options

    Result Options

  • Data view options - frontend

    Data view options

  • Settings for result mail

    Result mail options

  • Settings for receipt mail

    Receipt mail options

  • Spamprotection settings

    Screenshot 1

  • Spamprotection settings

    Screenshot - 2

  • Field type Checkbox


  • Field type checkbox group

    Checkbox group

  • Field type select


  • Field type radio button


  • Advanced Field Options

    Advanced Field Options

  • Field list view

    Field list view

What is the Subscription?

In addition to the many features of the free form generator, which are described in the tab "Main feature", some purchased plugins are available for Visforms, offering great supplementary values for special application areas. Subscribing for Visforms you get all paid extensions at once. The subscription includes the extensions listed below. Please note, that some extensions may require the latest Visforms Version.

Choose your version and order subscription

Additional Form and Field Options

The Visforms Subscription adds some useful new options to your form and fields. For example the option to redirect a user to the form page, after the form was send successfully.

Form in Article

This plugin enables you to display a form inside an article or a module and set individual default values for any form field you like. This is an essential feature for any Joomla! website and can save you a lot of work. The main motive of this plugin is "One form - many use cases".

Form data in article

Publish user inputs, submitted with a Visforms form anywhere in the content of your website. This can either be a Joomla! article or a module of type "Custom HTML". You will find substancial and useful parameters which allow you to determine individually which data you want to display and how.

Custom Mail Addresses

Sometimes you want to send mails to different mail addresses, depending on what selections a user made in the form. The plugin "Custom Mail Address" delivers exactly this feature, for mailto, mailcc and mailbcc addresses.

Search submitted form data

A plugin that extends the Joomla! search function (Joomla! search module and search component) natively. Taking into account the visibility options of submitted user inputs in frontend, the plugin allows visitors of your website to search form data with using the Joomla! search. And an extension that enables you to add a search bar to frontend data views.

Edit submitted form data in frontend

Allow either users to edit ther own data or administrators to edit all data in frontend was a highly sought after feature. By supporting access control down to the field level, this extension enables you to allow frontend data edit and to ensure effortless who may edit data and who may not.

Delay double registration

This tiny plugin has only one purpose. Prevent impatient users form unintentionally trying to fill in and to submit the form twice. Double registrations and doublicate record sets can thus be avoided, even if the user, who submits the form, is not logged in.

Limit the maximum number of registrations

You may find this small plugin very usefull, if you want to limit the maximum number of submissions for a for, for example because you have limited number of accomodations.

Mail Attachments

Visforms enables you to send result and receipt mails, containing information about the submitted user inputs. There are many configuration options for setting up and formatting the mails. Nevertheless, sometimes it is desired to attach files to the mails or to get a formated print output of the user inputs, which is possible with this plugin.

Multi Page Forms

Especially if you have comprehensive forms with lots of fields, this extension can be of interest for you, for it allows you to neatly arrange your forms. Just add a field of type "pagebreak" at the spot, where you want Visforms to add a new page.

Field Type Calculation

Use user inputs in formulas and calculate the result dynamically.

Field Type Location

Collect location information and display a Google map in form and frontend data views.

Field Type Signature

Add signature fields to your forms.

Bootstrap 3 Layouts

Some templates are build on the Bootstrap 3 framework, although this is not compatible with Joomla! 3. This extension adds new form layouts to Visforms which will integrate Visforms well into Bootstrap 3 templates.

Choose your version and order subscription