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Additional Form and Field Options

Compatible Joomla! 3

Subscription only options

This feature is part of the Visforms Subscription and not available in the free Visforms version..

The Visforms subscription provides you with some new options that are added to your forms and fields.

What is included

  • Display own record sets only in frontend data views
  • Set a custom field label for use in e-mails
  • Set a custom field labe for use in CSV
  • Select which information is exported for fields of type file in CSV export (filename only, local file path, full file path)
  • Redirect user to the page with the form, after form was submitted successfully
  • Add a redirect to the form page link, to the custom result text, if a custom result text is used with the form
  • Prevent default enter key action in form
  • Display a record set counter in frontend data views
  • Search in fields that are not displayed - Frontend Data Views
  • Additional Date Field Options
  • Display uploaded image files in frontend as image
  • Custom field order for frontend data views
  • Additional Vertical Frontend Data View Layout
  • .

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