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Use Visforms Form in Article

You can use the Content Plugin Form View, which is shipped with the Visforms Subscription, if you want to display a form inside an article

One form - many use cases is the idea of that plugin, which allows you to set default values in forms easily, depending on where the form is displayed on your website.

This very useful plugin can even automate the use of the current page url as a default value in any form field (even a hidden field).


These are some examples of what you can achieve with the content plugin form view. All three examples display the same form with different pre selections of the select field. In real live use the forms would be displayed on different pages of your website. The value of one form field is set automatically to the current page url. As the examples are displayed on the same page, this value does not differ in our examples but this feature is very useful if you use the plugin in a module that displays the same form on many pages of your website. You (and the user of your website) will always know, from which page the form was submitted. In a real live use you would use a hidden field for that purpose.

Preselection: Selection 1


Preselection: Selection 2


Preselection: Selection 3


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