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Create a radio button, a select list or a checkbox group

Radio buttons, select lists and checkbox groups offer the user a list of options to select from. In case of a radio button they can select no more than one option, in case of selects and checkbox groups multi selects are possible. This article describes how to create the options list of a radio button, a select or a checkbox group.

The Option

Each option consists of a Label/Value pair. When you create a radio button or a checkbox the label is displayed in front of the radio, when you create a select it's displayed inside the select list. The value is the value that is submitted with the form if the option is selected.

You can set a maximum of one default option for each radio, select or checkbox group field, which is then already selected as default in the form.

Create option list

Creating options is quite simple and self-explaining in Visforms.

Please click on the "New Option" button in order to create an option for the radio, select or checkbox group field. Insert a value for Label and Value in the respective input fields for the first option of your option list. Check the checkbox "Default", if you want to make this option the default option of your list. Click the Add button. The option is added to the Option list. Repeat the procedure for every option which you want to add to the list.

Use the "change"-link, to reopen the configuration window for an option, the "delete"-link to remove an option from the list and the icon at the front of an option entry in the option list, to move an option up or down the list (with drag&drop).

Please don't forget to save the field, after you have made changes to your options list, or you will loose the changes.

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