Joomla! Announcement

Joomla! 4.0 is released and Visforms will soon be compatible with the brand new major release version.

After 9 years of hard work by all Joomla! volunteers and lots of early development versions and continuously deep changes, Visforms will shortly also be compatible with the final Joomla! 4 release version!

Registration form for sport event

This demo form is structured using texts between the for controls.
You can enter custom texts for each form field and choose a position for the text (above or below the input) easily in the field configuration.
Texts can use plain HTML which allows you to add images, links and format to each text.

For some form fields (i.e. year) we added a tool tip, which is displayed when you hover the label with your mouse.
Yeas and zip code perform a custom field validation, to make sure only digits are entered
and display a custom error message, if the user enter invalid values.
These settings are options in the field configuration too.

This form uses the field typ "image button" to display a custom image as submit button.

Personal Data

Event Data

Contact Information

Additional Information

I have read and accept the conditions of participation for this event.

If you are under age please add the declaration of consent from your legal guardian. (PDF)