Joomla 5 Notice

We are pleased to announce that as of January 29, 2024, all of our Joomla extensions are compatible with Joomla 5.

For all who are still updateing from Joomla 3 to Joomla 4: Joomla 4 Migration instructions are available here:

There is now a separate Documentation for Visforms for Joomla 4 and for Visforms for Joomla 5!

Viscarousel as Bootstrap Image Carousel

After creating a carousel module and making some basic settings, you can add as many images to the carousel as you like.

Add an image

Just click the "New image" button. This will open a modal window, where you can make all setting for the new image item.

Select image

Click the Select button in the modal window. This will open the Joomla! Media Manager. Use the media manager as usual to select any image you like and add it to the carousel by click on the "Insert" button. You can use the media manager to upload new images to your website and insert them into the carousel or change images as well.

Metadata for Search Engine Optimisation

Viscarousel allows you to enter a title- and an alt-Attribut for each image. Search engines use these HTML attributes to obtain additional information about images.

Image Description

You can enter an image description for each image. It consist of a header (caption) and a text. The description is displayed in an overlay box at the bottom of the image. Please note that the description text has to be included in HTML p tags. (<p>My description</p>)


You can attach an additional link to each image. Users will be redirect to this link, when they click the image. Links can be internal links or external links and you can enter a link title attribute (for SEO) and define a link target separately for each image.

Save New Image

Click the Add button when you are done with setting up the item. The modal window will close and you will see the new image in the image list.

Change Image

Just click on the Change link or the image thumbnail in the image list, if you want to change image settings. The modal window will open again.

Change Item Order

There are two arrows (arrow up and arrow down) in front of the thumbnail in the image list. Click the respective arrow to move an image up or down in the image list.

Delete image

Click the delete link to delete an image from the image list (carousel).

Please don't forget to save the module when you are done with setting up the carousel.

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  • Viscarousel Image Slider

    The image slider

  • Set up image

    Image settings

  • Select image

    Select image using Joomla! Media Manager