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Supported HTML Control Types

Visforms supports the following HTML control types

  • Text: Input type=text
  • Password: input type=password
  • Email: Input type=email
  • Number: Input type=number
  • Url: Input type=url
  • Date: Input type=date
  • Hidden: Input type=hidden
  • Upload: Input type=file
  • Textarea: Textarea
  • Checkbox: Input type=checkbox
  • Checkbox Group: Input type=checkbox
  • Select: Select
  • Radio: Input type=radio
  • Fieldseparator: hr
  • Submit Button: Input type=submit
  • Image Submit Button: Input type=image
  • Reset Button: Input type=reset

The payed Visforms Subscription adds some additional field types to your Visforms installation, that are based on function rather than HTML control types.

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