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We are pleased to announce that as of January 29, 2024, all of our Joomla extensions are compatible with Joomla 5.

For all who are still updateing from Joomla 3 to Joomla 4: Joomla 4 Migration instructions are available here:

There is now a separate Documentation for Visforms for Joomla 4 and for Visforms for Joomla 5!

Some Examples on how to use the Visforms Content Plugin Data View

The content plugin data view is part of the Visforms Subscription and not available in the free Visforms version..

The examples are build on the data gathered with the event registration demo form. They can give you an idea of how flexible you may display form data with the help of this plugin. But please keep in mind that these is still only a small collection of what is possible with the usefull plugin.

Compact table with pagination and search bar

This example shows alle record sets submitted with the form and shows it's own pagination, only displaying 5 record sets per page. If you use more than one intance of the plugin on a page to display different form data lists with pagination, this is no problem. Each pagination will work independently and just as you expect it to do.

You can add search filters above the data, too.

Complete Registration list

First nameLast nameYear (of birth)GenderDistance
PeterMaier1994Male10 Kilometer
SabineMaier1990Female10 Kilometer
LutzSchäfer1969Male5 Kilometer
FranzSchäfer1966Male5 Kilometer
KlaraMüller2001Female10 Kilometer

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Display the newest form submission record set

In this example we display only the record set from the latest form submission. In addtion to the user inputs we display the creation date, too.

Latest Form Submission

This is a registration list for our sport event.

Data are ordered in ascending by the field last name. You can change the sort order with a click on the table column header. A second click on the same column header will reverse the sort order.

You can configure the data view in frontend individually. You decide individually for each field, whether to show it in the data view. You decide whether there should be a detail view and which fields are to display in that detail view. The number of record sets displayed per page can also be set individually.

First name:
Last name:
Year (of birth):
10 Kilometer

Select only record sets with specified user inputs

In this example we display only the record sets of female participants for the 10 Kilomenter run. Only Firstname and Name are displayed.

Participants of the 10 Kilometer run

First nameLast name

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